Um…will you be my Valentime?

Yes, girl, I said “Valentime.”


V-Day hints and Misa Jewelry

Not to drop hints or anything…but OK, I’m dropping mad hints best now, to whom it may concern.

(Ahem! That’s probably going to be you, El Hub.)

To make it simpler for him (El Hubster) — you know, just for ideas — I sent him some links this morning, like, “Hint, hint! Valentime’s Day is best around the corner!” and one of the links was to Misa Jewelry.


Katten & make-up sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Winkel nu

I found out about them from my pal Erika at makeup Bag (she just started posting on her blog again, BTW, which I’m very thrilled about!). check out her recent lifestyle messages about gold tableware lust and the craziness that is ironing your bedding.

Anyway, the jewelry. It’s got a beachy-ish, Hawaii vibe and these neat organic shapes.

I’m all about that branch series… I just think the pieces are so dainty and different.

It’s fine jewelry, so it’s kinda expensive, but some of the items (I found a few in the branch series) are a relatively doable splurge. I’ve got my eye on the roots Vine necklace ($175 for the sterling silver version) and the Twig Ear Pin ($165).

Um…yeah. Wink, wink! — in case you need to drop a hint for somebody!

This Jetoy Choo Choo cat bag

If jewelry isn’t your thing, might I interest you in this astonishingly cute and 100% cat lady-approved kitty grasp by Jetoy Choo Choo USA?

Raise your hand paws if you’d absolutely freak out (in a good way) if your partner said “I lurve you” and gave you this Jetoy cat face fur grasp ($48).

I’d be like, “LUV YOU FUR-EVER!!!”

But I’m the last person who needs another bag…

Wait — forget that. Nee ik ben niet. I’m NOT the last person. I need another bag, LOL! This one’s just too dang adorable, with that cat and the pom-pom…

A NARS spring 2016 makeup tutorial featuring Janice Daoud

So, I’m hoping against all hope — because I haven’t worn any real makeup for the past couple of days except for five-minute makeup with tinted moisturizer, brows, mascara, tight lined liner, gloss and blush (seriously, that’s all five minutes) — that this new NARS makeup tutorial is going to inspire me to do fantastic things with their spring 2016 collection this weekend.

The video stars Janice Daoud, my favorite NARS artist. She’s from here in the Bay Area, and she’s been with NARS for years. girl is such a sweetheart — like, the nicest person — and she’s so, SO beautiful. Oh, and her makeup skills are bangin’.

The video’s a kind of fancy, interactive Facebook thing (it doesn’t seem to work in Google Chrome for some reason). It’s not just a regular makeup tutorial. There are these 360-degree views, with the eyes on one screen, lips on another, etc., and if you’re viewing on a mobile device, and you tilt it, or if you click and drag your mouse on your computer screen, you can go directly to whichever part of the tutorial you want to, so you don’t have to view the whole thing (unless you want to).

Kewl. and I think the final look is very pretty.

Everything’s about to change…

I did put on a little makeup today, which was a big step up from what’s been my new typical state lately.

Can I just tell you (please don’t tell anybody else, though…) that last night was the grossest I’ve been in a very long time. I went to bed without 1) washing my face (granted, I wasn’t wearing any makeup) or 2) taking a shower.

I was just too exhausted, man. BG has been kicking my butt lately. It’s like that whole invasion of the Body Snatchers thing. She’s been putting in some major overtime in terms of sucking the life outta me. I mean, you don’t understand! — my drive for personal cleanliness is typically very strong, but I was so exhausted last night that I practically didn’t change into pajamas. It’s that serious.

I have an appointment to go to the beauty salon this weekend, so maybe that’ll restore some of my personal care energy. in some cases it helps to just sit and veg in those chairs for a couple hours…

When I saw on my calendar today that I had the appointment, I had an “OMG, my life is about to change!” moment (which I’ve been having a lot lately).

It might be a while before I go back to the salon…and when I do go, I’ll need someone to view baby Girl!

It just hits me at strange times.

Speaking of hair, I have absolutely no plans to go crazy with it. I don’t think I ought to do anything too high maintenance… The last thing I need best now is a big hair change.

Your thoughts on ASOS?

Have you ever shopped there before? I was googling “nursing clothes” the other night and ended up on their website.

They had a bunch of stuff on sale. I purchased a couple of nursing dresses (which are very cute), but now I’m kind of freaking out a little because the site says that their maternity clothes are true to size but, like,Ik heb gezegd dat sommige mensen zeggen dat ASOS-kleding klein is, dus ik denk: “Geweldig, ik heb deze schattige jurken te koop, maar ze zullen te klein zijn.”

Misschien zou ik gewoon moeten wachten totdat ze hier daadwerkelijk zijn voordat ik in paniek ben … lol!

Ik hoop dat hun moederschapslijn voor mij uitwerkt omdat ik het leuk zou vinden om de jurken te dragen nadat BG is geboren. Ik moet zeggen, ik ben echt uitgeput van het dragen van dezelfde vijf outfits.


Oké, bedankt voor het opknoping en luisteren. Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat.

Uw vriendelijke wijk charme verslaafde,


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