You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Nou, het is niet juist een peiling. Het is nog veel meer van een regelmatig evoluerend (tocht?), Enigszins willekeurige vermelding van zorgen die ik elke maandagochtend voor bezoekers heb gebracht voor de afgelopen negen (!) Jaar. (Het is als een kickstart voor je hersenen.) Ik heb altijd plezier gehad bij het lezen van je antwoorden in de opmerkingen, evenals ik hoop dat je geniet van het lezen van de mijne.

How do you feel about spidery lashes?
Maybe I’m not rock ‘n’ roll sufficient for ’em. I see them in magazines as well as Instagram as well as think, “Ooh, artsy! I must try that,” however then I try them, as well as I feel like it appears like a hot mess.

Also, I spend my entire life trying to eliminate clumps from my lashes, so I don’t comprehend purposeful clumps.

Have you ever used a gymnastics leotard in public?
You’d believe the response to this would be “yes.” I mean, why wouldn’t one wear a gymnastics leotard in public, even if they weren’t a gymnast?

But the genuine response is “no, I have not.”

I believe I have the height to be a gymnast (I’m 5’1″), however I don’t have any type of of the jumping or the prancing ability…or truly any type of of the skills whatsoever.

What was your preferred thing about the Olympics?
Lots of things, however I liked hearing exactly how everybody behind the scenes liked Usain Bolt. He’s meant to be a truly great guy.

I heard this story where he’s being interviewed, as well as he hears the us national anthem being played in the background, so he stopped the interview to ensure that they might listen to the anthem.

I just believed that was extremely respectful as well as extremely cool.

How lots of earrings are you using today?
Two (I just have one piercing per ear), as well as they’re studs, so they’re hidden beneath my new haircut.

I requirement to get some new hoops.

Do you like bit handbags or huge purses?
De strijd is zo echt!

OK, with bit purses, I’m required to edit down to the bare essentials, which is great, right, when you requirement to mobile? however with huge purses, you can just keep stuffing them with whatever as well as the kitchen area sink.

So I’m going to opt for bit purses.

Nee wacht! scratch that. I’m opting for huge purses, since I’d rather be prepared than not be prepared.


Jouw beurt. Kopieer gewoon en plak de naleving van bezorgdheid in een opmerking met uw antwoorden. Ik kijk vooruit naar het lezen van ’em!

1. exactly how do you feel about spidery lashes?
2. have you ever used a gymnastics leotard in public?
3. What was your preferred thing about the Olympics?
4. exactly how lots of earrings are you using today?
5. Do you like bit handbags or huge purses?


Katten & make-up sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Winkel nu

Time to head back to the kitchen area now since even though I already drank a significant cup of coffee…it was decaf, as well as it’s not truly doing anything for me, so tea it is!

What are you drinking this morning? exactly how was your weekend, by the way? Let’s have a great week, shall we?

Uw vriendelijke excursie-appelverslaafde,



P.s. OMG, all of the reds! —-> Chanel Le Rouge N°1 autumn 2016 makeup Collection

P.p.s. would you wear red eyeshadow? Yeah…I believe I would if it was Chanel.

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